Stay up,
Live it,
Love it;
Keep Cruising.

Jake Wassif made the album artwork for our upcoming two-part track, Tundra. Take a look into the world of the bitter frozen wasteland

This Saturday, April 27th, Black Harvest and Naked Machine will be playing a free show at the given address, it’s gonna be a bigass party, so come with your gameface on!

Beer, beer, and more beer!!!! And beer pong! Cool tunes, cool vibes, be there!

Got started on this week’s upcoming track, Tundra(I Feel I’ll Die Alone), part 1  of a two-part conceptual song, a journey into the bitter world of the baron soul. 

Trippy track from .:MUTANTS:. about climbing trees n shit!

More new stuff coming every Friday

Up a Tree! - .:MUTANTS:.

I’m in the air watching the clouds go by

The birds and the bees, they don’t care about time

So faded, I can’t write a third line

Up in a tree you can’t see me so high

You should climb with me, up a tree

Oh what snakes and monkeys we could be

Lost in a world of branches, we

see the universe mapped out in leaves

With the spring equinox having passed, we welcome the Spring and are posting up a new track tomorrow, stay tuned!

Floating through space on a sea of stars, a traveling circus puts on a spectacle of daring feats for the drunken crowd aboard their debauched pleasure ship: Cirque du Femme. Live and raw, album version will come out this summer. 

She walks on a wire

with no net underneath;

but she never falls ‘cause she’s so good on her feet.

And the people applaud and say,

what a feat! For the girl who doesn’t need a net underneath.


In the world, 

in the sea,

in space and everything in between,

Cirque De Femme travels the universe to please the men,

again, and again, and again, and again. 

Guitar & Vocals// Victor Herrera
Lead Guitar// Mika Remulla
Bass// Oscar Morales
Organ// Cristian Oliveros
Drums// Zack Perez

Written by Victor Herrara
Produced by Oscar Morales.

Here’s a video of us performing our homage to a planet in a galaxy far, far away. We give you Tatooine Dub, live at Bananas Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, California. 

Later tonight we shall be posting a demo we’ve held in for far too long. Another of the upcoming tracks from Sungaze. 

Cirque des Femmes

Pardon for the long delay! Minor pauses but today we’re back in the studio and we’re going to be recording again. Expect new material and music soon! Plus videos!